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Wrap for Life bag is a sustainable fabric gift bag with multiple uses such as a bento bag, produce bag, potluck bag, travel organizer and more. This wrap bag makes wrapping easier than traditional Japanese furoshiki cloth.

■ Gift wrap that is the gift itself

First, you can wrap your gift with this wrap and then, the gift receiver can reuse this bag again and again in multiple ways, such as:

♦ Bento bag (lunch bag)

- 100% cotton, washable, light-weight bag is perfect for your everyday bento (lunch) bag!

The generous size can easily hold large containers (up to 10.5 x 6.5 x 3.5"), or regular containers and apples, bananas, granola bars, etc!

The long flaps enable you to create handles for carrying by tying as shown in the images.

You can also use it as a baby bib by folding them into a triangular shape!

♦ Grocery pouch

- No more plastic bags for bulk shopping!

The bag is very light weight (about 1.5 oz / 43 g ) and it easily slips in your bag or purse.

Carry this bag in your purse everyday and pop it out when you happen to stop by a grocery store, farmers market, fruits stand or any retail store. The label on the bag contains the tare weight for easy subtraction at the cashier. You will be surprised by how often you actually end up using this bag. Say no to single use plastic.

♦ Potluck dish cloth bag

- Beautiful presentation while helping to secure the dish lid.

If you are bringing a salad, appetizer, dessert or any small to medium size dish (up to 10.5 x 6.5 x 3.5") for a potluck, this bag is perfect for you. It helps beautify your presentation at the door while securing the dish lid. And you can also place the bag as a place mat (when folded in the square shape).

♦ Travel / gym or yoga pouch

- For light-weight clothes, underwear, face towels, etc.

  Cloth napkin / handkerchief

- Ditch paper napkins and add the table fresh look or slip the bag in your purse for a handwipe after washing your hands.

♦ Purse with an attachable genuine leather strap

- Light-weight purse for your wallet, phone, and small & not heavy items.

*Easy-attachable genuine leather strap can be purchased for an additional cost (please see the variation).

■ Easy & simple wrapping

Unlike wrapping paper, gift wrapping with the Wrap for Life is so easy.

Natural hemp twine is included in your purchase. You don't even need scissors, tape, or extra ribbon.

Also, you can wrap odd-shaped gifts like bottles of wine, beer, or sake.

We love furoshiki (the traditional Japanese wrapping fabric) as well, but this bag-shape fabric makes wrapping a lot easier!

Wrapping manual comes in the shipment.

■ Eco-friendly

Wrap for Life is a great alternative to wasteful, non-recyclable wrapping paper and it's biodegradable & compostable when it comes to the end of it's life.

Ships with recyclable packaging, we attempt as little waste as possible.


■ Material

・ Fabric : Made in JAPAN, 100% cotton

・ Made with Japanese traditional cotton fabric

・ Hand sewn in the USA

・ Machine wash or hand wash cold, hang dry recommended

Bag size : Approx. Width 16 3/4" (42.5 cm), Length 15" (38 cm)

 ■ Your gift size

In order to properly fit in your Warp for Life, gift size should be below:

For a Box shaped gift:

・ Total of width, length and height should be equal or less than 17" (43cm)


・ Height should be equal or less than 4 3/4" (12cm)

For a thin gift like a photo album or book etc.

・ , Dimension should be equal or less than 12 x 9 x 1" to fit envelop style wrap as you see on image.

For bottles

・ One regular size wine bottle will fit well.

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