Bright Body Ayurvedic Universal Toning Mist


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Most of us are used to toners with alcohol, so it's common to think that toners exist to "tighten" skin and "shrink" pores.

Alcohol gives you the "tight" feeling but all it's doing is drying you out and disrupting your skin's microbiome. Also, pores don't open and close, y'all (the sebum inside can soften and harden, but that's it).

So instead, Bright Body created this Ayurvedic Universal Toning Mist: a gentle, alcohol-free toning mist with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for all skin types

It does it all, without drying or irritating:

✨ balances skin’s pH
✨ reduces inflammation
✨ promotes circulation
✨ rejuvenates dull and damaged skin
✨ fades dark spots without drying or irritating
✨ improves absorption of other skincare

This Toning Mist performs best when paired with Bright Body's Ayurvedic Facial Washes (herbal powerhouse duo, anyone?). It's also an excellent choice to cool and soothe the skin after dry brushing.

Sizes: Mini 2.3 oz / Full 8 oz


After using an Ayurvedic Facial Wash, spray Toning Mist all over face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Apply Bright Body moisturizers while Toning Mist is still damp on skin.


water, witch hazel hydrosol*, calendula hydrosol*, rose hydrosol*, gotu kola leaves*, helichrysum hydrosol*, gluconodeltalactone and sodium benzoate, manjistha root*, ginseng extract, fennel essential oil, geranium essential oil, bergamot essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, vetiver essential oil
*certified organic

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