100% Compostable & Biodegradable 13 Gal Bags - 25 ct


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Ghost Bags 100% compostable & biodegradable heavy duty drawstring waste, trash or compost bags for the home, garden, kitchen & more.

Quality to hold and stretch more than traditional biodegradable / compostable waste bags. Tall and wide to fit more than ever before, Ghost Bags additionally feature a durable 100% compostable carry and close drawstring integrated into each of the bags design. 

Ghost bags are made from plants, NOT plastic, and turn into nutrients for the soil 180 days in a typical compost environment!

Clear/naturally raw with no unnecessary added coloring or dye.

Clean & safe for the compost pile!

Ghost Bags are made from PLA+PBAT+NON-GMO Cornstarch. There is no plastic or micro-plastic in this product or it's packaging. Ghost Bags are certified for home & commercial composting. 

Ghost Bags are Reassembled & Based out of - Wilmington North Carolina & Long Island, New York - USA