100% Compostable & Biodegradable 13 Gal Bags


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Includes 30 count of 13 gallon heavy duty bags!

Ghost Bags are top of the line at one of the thickest at 1.2MIL with almost double the thickness of any other Compostable bags on the market! Quality to hold and stretch more than traditional Biodegradable / Compostable waste bags. Tall and wide to fit more than ever before, Ghost Bags additionally feature a durable Compostable Carry and Close Drawstring integrated into each of the bags design. 

Ghost bags are made from plants, NOT plastic, and turn into nutrients for the soil 180 days in a typical compost environment! As they decompose, they mostly will create humus, & water which is extremely beneficial for composting.Ghost Bags are Clear/Naturally Raw with no unnecessary added coloring or dye. Clean & safe for the pile!

Ghost Bags are made from PLA+PBAT+NON-GMO Cornstarch. There is no plastic or Micro Plastic in this product or its packaging(0%)

Ghost Bags Box And Bags both Proudly Display All necessary Global Certifications, Easy to read. Ghost Bags are Certified for Home & Commercial Composting. 

Ghost Bags Compostable Heavy Duty 1.2mil thick 13gallon with Drawstring 30count, 49.2 Liter, 23.78inx26.58in Tall Kitchen Trash Bags,CertifiedASTM D6400 Trash/ Waste Bags Food Waste Bags, US BPI and Europe OK Compost Home Certified, San Francisco,

Ghost Bags are Reassembled & Based out of - Wilmington North Carolina & Long Island, New York - USA