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*Local to Richmond, VA*

Shake and spray directly on skin, in the air, on clothing or linens. Mini mist is 7.5ml

Crafted with organic cane alcohol and a blend of phthalate-free, toxin-free and carcinogen-free fragrance and essentials oils.

ASHEVILLE - cedarwood, neroli nectar, patchouli, and amber incense

Warming and rich, Asheville captures what fall often smells like with notes of cedarwood, neroli, clove, patchouli and amber incense. This fragrance wears long and may surprise you as each layer of notes unfolds for a cozy aromatic journey.
Key aromas: cedarwood, amber, neroli and patchouli
Your nose might also pick of notes of balsam, leather, clove, cinnamon, balsam, orange and grapefruit


JOSHUA TREE - desert juniper, vetiver root, pink pepper, and patchouli

Natural and invigorating, Joshua Tree captures earthy notes and wears so beautifully, this vibrational fragrance may invoke feelings of renewal, expansion, and grounding.
Key aromas: pink pepper, juniper, vetiver and patchouli
Your nose might also pick of notes of clove, sandalwood, lavender and amber


PALM SPRINGS - sweetgrass, desert bluebell, fresh cucumber and jasmine

Palm Springs embodies that feeling when you get out of the shower with fresh and green notes of sweetgrass, desert bluebell, fresh cucumber and jasmine, this aroma may arouse feelings of wiping the slate clean, simplicity and renewal.
Key aromas: cucumber, sweetgrass, jasmine and bluebell
Your nose might also pick of notes of bamboo, green tea, musk and lemon

RICHMOND - gardenia petal, fresh tobacco, pink grapefruit and cannabis

Paying homage to the birthplace of Maven Made, Richmond was created to take you on a sensory stroll through the River City. Inviting notes of sweet gardenia petal and pink grapefruit meet fresh tobacco and cannabis for a complex yet balanced aroma that feels light, romantic and modern.
Key aromas: gardenia, tobacco, grapefruit and cannabis
Your nose might also pick of notes of sandalwood, vanilla, rhubarb, agarwood and smoke

SAVANNAH - black rose, cedarwood, amber resin and juicy plum

Sensual and intoxicating, Savannah’s rich aromas invite you to slow down with romantic notes of black rose, amber resin, juicy plum and cedarwood. This aroma is best worn on date night (with yourself or others) misted on the pillow before bed or anytime you want to feel luxurious.
Key aromas: amber, cedarwood, rose and plum
Your nose might also pick of notes of peppercorn, vanilla, cumin and grapefruit
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