February 07, 2023

Support on Your Sustainability Journey

By Laura Drummond
Support on Your Sustainability Journey

Welcome to the Dogwood Refillery blog!


Consider this an extension of our conscious market, a space to bring our community together to help us all make mindful decisions and learn from each other. We’ll share answers to common questions we get asked in the store as well as dive more deeply into the topics we cover on social media. We commit to being a resource for accurate information about sustainable living.


You can feel confident about the information we share with you here in the same way you can trust the products we have in the store. You can be certain that 100% of the products we source are ethically produced, made with non-toxic ingredients, and have a low carbon footprint. We prioritize small businesses, and 75% of our suppliers are closed loop (i.e., they reuse materials to reduce waste). When you choose Dogwood Refillery, you don’t have to check the ingredients lists (we already have!), but we are happy to share them with you. Transparency is a top priority for us.


You can feel good about the products you use, knowing they’re safe for you, your family, and the environment. You don’t have to worry about what’s around your kids or going down the drain to our waterways. We locally source as many items as possible, considering carbon emissions in all our partnerships.  


There is an upfront cost to refilling, but with some perspective reframing, you can see how it presents long-term cost savings to you—not to mention an investment in Charlottesville. When you shop at Dogwood Refillery, you aren’t just supporting us; your money is going straight back into the community. In 2022, our customers supported: 

  • 23 local businesses
  • 8 local non-profit organizations
  • 24 woman-owned suppliers


As awareness and demand grow, prices will go down. The more we and others invest in this way of life, the more we’ll see reduced costs in the future. This is even more incentive to tell your friends and encourage them to reduce, reuse, and refill with us.   


As Zero Waste Chef Anne Marie Bonneau said, “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” Each one of us can make an impact. Dogwood Refillery owner Alex Theriault is a prime example of that. She had a lucrative career in finance with a steady salary and benefits before taking a leap of faith to address a need in our community. Not everyone has to take the kind of risk Alex did (though we’re happy she did!), but there are plenty of small changes we can all make in our daily lives. 


If you’re not sure where to start, here are some easy ideas: 


Customer favorite low-waste swaps


Customer favorite refills


When we all take steps to live more consciously, our collective effort can make a remarkable impact. As a community, we diverted 10,871 containers from the landfill in 2022. It takes each of us. It takes all of us.


We know that choosing to live a more sustainable life takes work. By offering one central location for accurate information about all things eco-friendly, we hope you’ll feel uplifted and supported on your journey with us. 

Laura Drummond, a sustainability-focused freelance writer based in Charlottesville, is our blog contributor. 

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